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How life works in many ways is a matter of perspective. We are born and we eventually die and in between we fill the gap with experiences. We don’t know how big or small that gap is and so taking the approach of living each moment with gusto is worthy. That, of course, is my perspective.

When I think of perspective I like to think of it as macro versus micro. What’s the big picture and how do things fit in. It’s akin to drawing the outline that things can be ordered by. When the world moves too fast or chaos reigns, I like to drop back to perspective to guide me through challenge.

One way that I do this is think of things in two opposite ways when I’m working on making sense of something. What does it look like in the miniature and then what does it look like multiplied by a big number? Sometimes a solution feels perfect but when you make it small it just doesn’t work or it gets crushed when made really large. I use this as a way to gain perspective and scale my thinking. It helps ground me to where I am in finding the opportunity to a given challenge.

What’s your perspective?

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