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Get Focused
and Accelerate.

Old School fuels next stage growth for early-stage and scaling startups through deeply hands on strategic support.



In the '80s and '90s no one knew what an entrepreneur was. You went to college to learn a profession and started at the bottom and worked your way to the top of an organization. You were rewarded for loyalty. And the CEO was more like the Wizard in the Wizard of Oz.

Fast forward to today and everyone has the opportunity to be an entrepreneur. The barriers to entry are low - you simply need an idea and a few hundred dollars to get started. The average startup only needs $3,000 to get started.

Sphere on Spiral Stairs

The Problem

Startup entrepreneurs are more likely to have their startup be their first job. This means that they have no experience working in a business let alone leading a business. 

The failure rate of a startup is about 90% in the first five years of operations. At least one quarter of those startups fail because of lack of strategy and team.

Use the 80/20 rule

Focus on what matters most to drive results

Old School - We know how the world works, can pattern match almost any scenario and help you move from 0 to 100.

The Solution

What Old School Offers

Perspective and Experience

We broaden your perspective and experience through:

  • CEO Mentoring

  • Executive team mentoring

  • Offsite immersion

Accountability and Support

Learn what you need to know so that you can achieve your goals and drive effective strategy

  • Refine what you have sop that you can level up and drive growth

  • Accelerate from MVP to product market fit

  • Invest in what will make you stronger and more successful

Meet the Team

We have years of experience in working with startups and scaling businesses. We have experience in operations, technology, finance, legal, marketing, sales, engineering and more. We know how to set strategy and put in place plans to operate.

When we don't know something, need support or think that there's a better person for you to work with, we reach into our network and bring in additional support.

We've been around the block to know that we don't know everything and that we have a really good idea of what we don't know or don't do best. You'll work with both of us through the course of any engagement as well as with additional team members.

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